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Professor Junjie Huang to center for academic report快讯2016-12-12
Professor Xinyang Wang to center for academic report快讯2016-12-12
Japan's parliament visit to center快讯2016-12-12
The eastern Mediterranean research academic salon was held successfully快讯2016-12-12
Research center of world civilization history of American cities快讯2016-12-12
Professor Chen Qian Ping to center for academic report快讯2016-06-21
Professor Dongliang Yang to the center for academic exchanges会议2016-05-31
“Division Scholar Professor of NENU”give a report会议2016-05-16
NENU held“early Chinese civilization and national construction academic seminar”会议2016-04-13
Professor Dr Claudia soder scholars to give lectures报告2016-04-13
Yangtze river scholars distinguished professorHuang Minxing to our hospital for academic exchanges报告2016-04-13
The seventh Byzantine empire and the eastern Mediterranean civilization academic salon快讯2016-04-13
Shing-ching shyu professor and professor Benjamin 辻 history to our hospital for academic exchanges会议2016-04-13
Professor Xu Xingqing with Professor Masashi Tsuji this to our hospital for academic exchanges快讯2015-09-11
East Asian historiography team held academic information exchange快讯2015-09-11
“East Asian cultural history of Zhu Shun water ”nternational Symposium会议2015-09-11
Zhu Jun-yi, the full-time research fellow, gained his program会议2015-06-12
The School of History and Culture held the Third Luncheon Cultural Salon快讯2015-06-07
Prof. Chen Wen-hao gave an academic report on exchange activities快讯2015-05-16
Zhu Jun-yi, the full-time research fellow, published his new article快讯2015-05-15
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