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Center for the History of Republican China基地链接http://www.mgzx.com
Institute of Social History of China基地链接http://ccsh.nankai.edu.cn
Institute of Chinese Modern History基地链接http://www.zgjds.org
The Center for Historical Geography Studies基地链接http://yugong.fudan.edu.cn
Center for Ancient Chinese Classics & Archives基地链接http://www.pku.edu.cn/dxpyj
Centre for Historical Anthropology基地链接http://ha.sysu.edu.cn
Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History基地链接http://www.pku.edu.cn/academic/zggds
The research centre for the history of modern world基地链接http://modhis.nankai.edu.cn
The Institute of Qing History基地链接http://www.iqh.net.cn
Center for History of World Civilizations of Northeast Normal University基地链接http://his.library.nenu.edu.cn
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